About us

In 19happy-guys37, Jack Rader built a small souvenir shop called “Glen Arbor Gift Shop”. In 1946, the Rader’s built a new shop, which also included living quarters for their family. The gift shop was a favorite local gathering place throughout the years for children and their parents. In 1971, the shop was sold to Robert and Roberta Eckert. The shop was then renamed “The Totem Shop”. The Totem Shop became a favorite place to shop for locals and tourists. On December 15, 1989, the shop was sold to Mark and Diana Oberschulte. The Oberschulte’s operated the store until they sold it to Doug Thomas, a native of the Glen Lake area. Doug and his wife Tonya purchased The Totem Shop in 2007, and added new lines of clothing and footwear to the store.

Doug remembers coming to The Totem Shop as a child. “This was always a great store – lots of toys”, Doug recalls. Remembering how fun the shop was as a child, Doug has kept the toys and children’s accessories as a part of the current Totem Shop supplies.